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29 November

Rimini Protokoll at Platonov festival opening


Rimini Protokoll: 100% London © Sandra Then

The VIII Platonov festival will be opened with “100% Voronezh” show. This is a joint project of theatre company Rimini Protokoll and the International Platonov Arts Festival. The performances will take place on the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theatre on June 6, 7 and 8.

“100% Voronezh” is an example of documentary theatre. It is based on statistical data, and it is performed by real Voronezh residents rather than professional actors. 100 people on stage make up the million population city's cross-section. The participants are cast according to their gender, age, geography and other criteria based on the formula 1 person on stage=1% of the population.

The city residents will be speaking about themselves and their lifestyles and expressing their opinions through voting on a number of issues, both social, philosophical and light-hearted. This is a unique chance to see the city the way it has never been seen before.

The performance will be accompanied by a video projection and live music played by a Voronezh band.  

For the first time, 100 city residents appeared on stage in “100% Berlin” in 2008. The idea then spread all over the world and was realized in such cities, as London, Vienna, Cologne, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Marseille, Tokyo, Philadelphia, Montreal, and Melbourne. Every time Rimini Protokoll creates the show from scratch, based on the city's specific profile.

“100% Voronezh” will be a premiere of this unique project in Russia.

Rimini Protokoll: 100% Paris

Rimini Protokoll is the most famous European company working in the realm of documentary theatre. The group was founded in 2002 by three graduates of Giessen University in Hesse – Stefan Kaegi, Helgard Haug, and Daniel Wetzel. 

Their projects are based on real facts and give their audience a unique experience of relating to the action and empathizing with it. Rimini Protokoll works on the borderline between what is considered theatre: for them a theatre is primarily a tool for dissecting reality.

Rimini Protokoll has received numerous theatre awards, including German National theatre award the Faust Theatre Prize, the European Theatre Prize for creative discoveries in the category “new realities” and the silver lion of the Biennale for Performing Arts in Venice.

In Russia Stefan Kaegi, Helgard Haug, and Daniel Wetzel are famous mostly for their promenade-projects “Remote Petersburg” and  “Remote Moscow”, “Cargo Moscow”, as well as “Home Visit Europe”, nominated for the Golden Mask in 2018, and other works.