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14 June

June 14 – last day of the Festival


In the morning in the House of Journalists a press conference was held with the participation of the creators of the “Aria” – choreographers Mariana Porceddu and Emiliano Pellisari. Participants if the show also talked to the journalists – opera singers Susanne Bungaard (soprano) and Angelo Bonazzoli (counter-tenor).


“The viewer is tired of the opera in the classical sense, he needs something new. I embodied this in a new genre - “flying dance”. There is not a single book or a single teaching on this - I can be called an innovator. My idea is that the scene is flat and viewers see only those artists who are in front of them. But as a director, I want to work with the whole space. Therefore, to create a complete picture, I need someone to be on the stage, and someone to fly ... And the first problem I solved was the technical one. But when I say “technique”, I do not mean “technology”: this word makes me bored. The theatre does not need technology, it needs ideas”, – says Emiliano Pellisari.

In the evening the final showing of the performance “Aria” and the closing ceremony took place at the Opera and Ballet Theatre, in which the artistic director of the Platonov Arts Festival Mikhail Bychkov and the Governor of the Voronezh Region Alexey Gordeev took part.