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11 June

Platonov Award ceremony


On Sunday, June 11, at the “Spartak” cinema, the Platonov Award in literature and art-2017 ceremony took place.

The seventh winner of the Platonov Award is a writer, screenwriter and culturologist Alexei Ivanov. The prize was awarded to him “for the discovery of the innermost secrets of Russian history”.

Traditionally, the Governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeev took part in the awarding ceremony. He awarded Alexei Ivanov a diploma, a lapel pin of the laureate of the Platonov Award and a million rubles certificate.

“The argument itself was very correct: “for the discovery of the innermost secrets of Russian history”. Unfortunately, for many decades our history began in 1917, and if something was considered in a more distant retrospective, it was always under severe censorship and was built into ideological dogmas so that people would not perceive facts about our rich history “in a wrong way”. It is important that today there are writings that tell about the people, about society, about how the state was formed. And we can understand not only what mistakes and problems existed in this diversity or confrontations that had to be overcome, but most importantly – we can understand that we have what to be proud of”, says Alexey Gordeev.

“The Platonov Award is not competitive, you do not have to get profitable acquaintances to get it, you just need to exist in culture, and not in the Moscow art crowd. And, of course, it is very prestigious - to stand alongside the laureates of the Platonov Award of past years”, says Alexei Ivanov.

After the solemn ceremony, the writer held an art session, answered the guests' questions and signed copies of his new book “Wilds” to all comers.