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13 June

Street Theatres Parade "Summer Lights"



Stilt walkers, puppeteers, mimes, acrobats, dancers and musicians marched along the Revolutsii Avenue on June 12 — on Russia Day within the Street Theatres Parade of the Platonov Arts Festival "Summer Lights". It was the first time the Street Theatres Parade took place after sunset.

The following street theatres participated in the procession: Quidams (France), Stelzen-Art (Germany), Close-Act (Netherlands), Serious Clowns (Germany), AKHE (Saint Petersburg), Studiya.33 (Saint Petersburg), “Svet Litsa” (Moscow), “Sozvezdie” (New Usman), “Art-Kurazh-Show” (Voronezh), “Theatres of Fire and Light” (united team from different Russian cities), “Berkana” (Rostov-on-Don), Dixie-Alex-Band (Voronezh).



The procession moved along the Prospect Revolutsii Ave: from the Andrey Platonov monument to the Lenin Square. Theatres Close-Act, Stelzen-Art and Quidams showed their performances in the Lenin Square.

Street performances in the Lenin Square were visited by about 20 000 spectators. The number of spectators of the Street Theatres Parade on the Prospect Revolutsii Ave is being specified.