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3 June

Kornel Munduczo in the context of modern world direction

Alla Shenderova

On June 6 and 7 at 19:15 in the upper foyer of the Voronezh Concert Hall there will be lectures by theatrical critic Alla Shenderova "Kornél Munduczo in the context of modern world direction". The lecture is intended for spectators of the performance "Imitation of Life". Entrance to the lecture - by tickets to the show.

Alla Shenderova is a theatre critic, editor of the "Theatre" journal, the author of the newspaper “Kommersant”. She is an expert at the Youth Theatre Forum of the CIS, Baltic States and Georgia, a teacher at the British Higher School of Design, a member of the International Association of Critics IACT, a member of the Association of Theatre Critics (ATC).

The lecture will be held within the framework "Theatre-Plus" programme of the Platonov Arts Festival.