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29 May

Art-centre "Commune"

Photo by Anastasia Chernikova

The art-centre, which is located in ex-printery of the “Commune” newspaper, will work from June 2 till June 14. Almost 100 years ago, the correspondent Andrey Platonov published his works in this building. Since 2015, the neglected foundry operates as an art-centre of the Platonov Arts Festival.


Like in the past years, the programme of the “Commune” includes exhibitions, cinema screenings, lections, art sessions, concerts and master-classes.

Entrance is free for all events of the art-centre.


Pavel Peppershtein. A Suprematist Study of Ancient Greek Myths


Cycle reproduction


Look at the People

Russian video-art from the collection of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and more




June 3, 17:00


“We Keep Sadness and Desire for Inability in our Hearts…”

Presentation of Elena Antonova’s book “The period of life and creativity of Andrey Platonov in Voronezh”

Speakers: Elena Antonova, Natalia Kornienko

June 4, 16:00 

“The Highest Happiness of Mood” 

“Platonov’s days in Berlin”. December 2016

Speakers: Hans Günther, Gabriele Leupold

Presentation of the new German interpretation of Andrey Platonov's novel “The Foundation Pit”.

Speaker: translator Gabriele Leupold (Germany)

Presentation of biography of Andrey Platonov in German

Speaker: Hans Günther (Germany)

Presentation of the special edition of “Osteuropa” journal – “Andrey Platonov. Utopia and violence”

Speakers: Gabriele Leupold, Hans Günther, Natalia Kornienko

June 4, 18:00


“Facets of new realism”

Art session with the novelist Roman Senchin

Writers of the early 00’s. Presentation of the novel “Flooding Zone”

June 5, 18:00

“Homeland and home”

Art session with the poet Elena Fanailova

June 6, 18:00

Art session with the poet, novelist and researcher Polina Barskova

Presentation the poetries book “Air Alarm”


June 7, 18:00


Polina Barskova. Literary art session “Poetry created in the dark: unofficial poesy of Leningrad blockade”

Poets in anthology: Gennadiy Gor, Pavel Salzman, Sergey Rudakov, Vladimir Sterligov, Dmitriy Maksimov

June 10, 16:00

Art session with the novelist Petr Aleshkovskiy

Session content: contemporary literature, history games, new myths appearing. Presentation of the novels “Harlequin”, “Fish” and the novel “Fortress” which was awarderd with the “Russian Booker Prize” in 2016.

Educational programme

June 2, 16:00

Lecture “Russian video-art from the collection of the Moscow Museum of Modern art and more…”

Lector – Ekaterina Kuzmina, senior researcher of Research Department of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA)

June 2, 20:00

Lecture “From Synthetic Adam to Synthetic Eva”

Lector – Aleksander Deryabin, cinema historian, film critic

Cinema Screening

The programme of retrospective of films by Dziga Vertov. Project mentor – Aleksander Deryabin, cinema historian and expert.


For 100th anniversary of the revolution of 1917

June 2, 19:00

“Dziga and his brothers” (directed by Evgeniy Tsymbal)

June 3, 20:00

“Cinema-eye” (directed by Dziga Vertov)

June 4, 20:00

“Cinema-Truth №21” (directed by Dziga Vertov)

“Cinema-Truth №22” (directed by Dziga Vertov)

“The first October without Iliich” (directed by Dziga Vertov)

Accompanied by the ballroom pianist Igor Fanboim

June 5, 20:00

“March, Soviet!” (directed by Dziga Vertov)

June 6, 20:00

“The 6th Part of the World” (directed by Dziga Vertov)

June 7, 20:00

“The Donbass Symphony” (directed by Dziga Vertov)

June 8, 20:00

“Three Songs About Lenin” (directed by Dziga Vertov)

June 9, 20:00

“Lullaby” (directed by Dziga Vertov)

Programme of films directed by the graduates of Alexander Sokurov school in the Kabardino-Balkarian State University

June 12, 17:00 

“Antigona” (directed by Oleg Khamokov)

“A Bit Guilty” (directed by Malika Musaeva)

“She is Waiting” (directed by Mariana Kalmykova)

“Happy Family” (directed by Tina Mastafova)