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28 May

Days of Belarusian drama


For the first time at the Platonov Arts Festival there will be stage readings of contemporary drama. Six Belarusian authors were selected whose plays will be performed by Voronezh actors. After the readings the texts will be discussed with the audience.
Readings will take place on the small stage of the Voronezh Chamber Theatre. Registration required.


The festival programme presents six Belarusian plays, with two of them – “Moscow Dreamin” by Vitaly Korolev and “College” by Andrey Ivanov written at last year's laboratory. “Three Days in Hell” by Pavel Pryazhko and “London” by Maxim Dosko hardly need any presentation: they did not only get into short lists of drama competitions but were repeatedly staged. “Flying swing” by Konstantin Steshik has won a prize in “Remarka-2017” contest, and “Medea Syndrome” by Yulia Chernyavskaya was used as a base for a play in the Republican theatre of Belarusian drama.

In Voronezh will come dramaturges Pavel Pryazhko, Konstantin Steshik and Andrey Ivanov, they will participate in discussions of the plays with audience. Besides them, discussions will be joined by authors of the project “Days of Belarusian drama”.

 Project mentor – theatre critic Kristina Matvienko (Moscow). Author of the programme – Aleksander Marchenko (Minsk) – director, head of the Centre of Belarusian drama.

The young generation of Belarusian authors began to be heard in the early 2000s: then director and culture bearer Nikolai Khalezin and his associates organized the “Free Theatre” with its competition of plays. As it happens with good ideas, there started a rather interesting life around the competition revealing to the audience artistic talents of Pavel Pryazhko, Konstantin Steshik, Pavel Rassolko and many others, who sensitively and dispassionately documented the time and its character.

Belarusian contemporary drama is the name card of the Belarusian theatre. Since the early 2000s, the direction of the Belarusian new drama began to develop actively, and the Belarusian playwrights started to develop foreign space. Pavel Pryazhko, Konstantin Steshik, Dmitry Bogoslavskiy, Nikolai Rudkovskiy, Maxim Dosko and other authors, ironically, became known abroad and only later became popular at home. The plays fall into the short- and long-lists in various drama competitions such as “Eurasia”, “Deistvuyushchiye Litsa (Cast)”, “Remarka”, “Lyubimovka”, and performances of their texts are staged in many cities of the CIS and Western Europe and increasingly in Belarus.



June 9
12:00 – Yulia Chernyavskaya “Medea Syndrome” (play reading)
15:00 – Maxim Dosko “London” (play reading)

June 10
12:00 – Andrey Ivanov “From the College” (play reading, discussion with the author)
15:00 – Konstantin Steshik “Flying Swing” (play reading, discussion with the author)

June 11
12:00 – Vitaly Korolev “Moscow Dreamin” (play reading)
15:00 – Pavel Pryazhko “Three Days in Hell” (play reading, discussion with the author)