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21 May

Relay reading will present “For the Future”


One of the most important events of the Platonov Arts Festival is the reading-relay race that will take place on June 11 at 12:00 p.m. at the Soviet Square lawn. Applications for participation in this event are now being accepted.

The Andrey Platonov's story “For the Future. Chronicle of the Poor” (1929-30) will be read during this reading-relay race project.

The text was published by the “Krasnaya Novy” magazine in 1931. After reading “For the Future”, Stalin wrote “scrum” in the margin and sent a sarcastic note to the editorial office:

“This is the story of the agent of our enemies, written to dethrone the collective farm movement and published by useless communists to demonstrate their unrivaled blindness.

       P.S. It would be necessary to punish both the author and the bunglers so that the punishment would augur well “for the future”.

That’s what started a further series of persecutions of Platonov.

Yevgeny Zamyatin who emigrated in November 1931, in a letter to Yarmolinsky, an American specialist in Slavic studies, made to the “Chronicle of the Poor” a flattering assessment: “... this work, based on the impressions of the “collective farm”, is quite satirical, but is very interesting and well written.” Zamyatin recommended “For the Future” as a text that best reflects the life of the Soviet Russia in the early 1930s.