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6 March

60% of tickets for Platonovfest sold over the first weekend


More than 13 000 tickets for the forum's events were sold within the first four day. 2 000 tickets booked.

Some of the Festival events are already sold out. Still, you can search for "Birthplace of Electricity", "Fro", "Russian Contract", "Evening with NDT2", "From the Deep", "The Winter's Tale", "Imitation of Life", "King David's Report", as well as for the concerts of Vision Quartet, Hide-Hide, World Music in White Well, and "The Armed Man: A Mass for Piece".

There is still a chance to buy tickets for other events.Booked tickets must be redeemed within 48 hours from the moment of placing the order. If this doesn't happen, the reservation will be cancelled and tickets will be returned to the market. Follow the news on our website www.en.platonovfest.com.