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2 March

Ticket sales Day 1: results


More than a half of tickets for events of the Platonov Arts Festival were sold and booked within the first day of the campaign.

The ticket sales launched today, on March 2, at 10.00. Almsot 7 000 tickets were sold, which is about 30% of the total amount. 6 000 tickets more were booked. If all the booked tickets are sold, this will mean that more than a half of all the Festival tickets are sold within one day.


Nevertheless, it is likely for a part of booked tickets not to be sold within 48 hours and to be returned to the market. Do not get sad if you haven't managed to buy some tickets today, give it a try in the nearest days again.

Just to compare, last year it was sold 5 000 tickets in a day, which was about 26% of the total amount.