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20 February

Concerts of the music program


The music program of the Platonov Arts Festival is diverse in genres (Academic and World Music) and formats (including concerts in the Philharmonic Hall, Opera and Ballet Theatre and open-air performances in Ramon, in the White Well and in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure).


This year, the music program features 9 countries-participants (Germany, Gambia, Italy, Spain, Norway, Russia, USA, France and Japan) and artists from 16 countries (Argentina, Belarus, Great Britain, Hungary, Gambia, Germany, Israel, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, the USA, France, Japan). Some of them will perform in Russia for the first time!


Music in concert halls 

On June 3, in the Philharmonic Hall there will be a concert of outstanding Russian pianists Polina Osetinskaya and Anton Batagov. Musicians who have become cult figures in the world of new classics will present their new joint program "Gravitation", which includes minimalist music.

On June 4, in the Philharmonic Hall for the first time in Russia the German Vision Quartet will take the floor. One of the most promising young string quartets was founded in 2012. With the same skill and energy the team plays both classical works and original arrangements of jazz, pop and rock music. The German press says: "Vision String Quartet combines high musical requirements with the behavior of a rock band." In their Voronezh program – works of Franz Schubert, Bela Bartok and Erwin Schulhoff.


On June 5, in the Philharmonic Hall will take place a concert of young French pianist Lucas Debargue, who has become a sensation of the International Tchaikovsky Competition in 2015. He won the fourth award of the competition and the only one of all participants was honoured with the prestigious special award of the Moscow Music Critics Association. Since then, Lucas Debargue is invited to the most famous venues. In Voronezh, he will present works by Franz Schubert and Karol Szymanowski.


On June 6, at the Opera and Ballet Theatre will be hosted a concert of one of the best orchestras of the world - the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra. It was founded in 1930 as the first symphony orchestra of the Soviet Union. The team led by Vladimir Fedoseyev will perform works by Shostakovich and Stravinsky.

On June 6, in the Philharmonic Hall the outstanding Japanese group Hide-Hide will perform. The team plays on traditional national instruments: shamisen (a plucked instrument of the lute family) and shakuhachi (bamboo flute with 5 holes). They call themselves the ancestors of the new musical direction "hyper-trend-music", which means the development of national traditions in modern times. The first part of the concert will feature the national Japanese music, and the second - European and Russian music of the XIX and XX centuries.

On June 7, Clara-Jumi Kang (Germany) will act in the Philharmonic Hall accompanied by the Voronezh Academic Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Vladimir Verbitsky. In the collection of the violinist there are many awards won at prestigious professional competitions, among which - the Tibor Varga International Violin Competition and violin competitions in Seoul, Hanover, Sendai and Indianapolis. In 2015, Kang became a laureate of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition (IV prize). In the program of the concert the works of Brahms, Liszt and Bartok will be presented.

On June 8, in the Philharmonic Hall there will be a concert of brilliant cellists Giovanni Sollima (Italy) and Boris Andrianov (Russia) with the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Voronezh Concert Hall under the direction of Yuri Androsov. The program features music by Italian and Spanish composers, including works by Giovanni Sollima.


Open-air in the park of the Ramon Castle 

On June 11, in front of the Palace of the Princess of Oldenburg in Ramon, once again the open-air of the Platonov Arts Festival will take place. This year, the Balkan music will be presented there.

Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra from Spain refers to many musical genres, including klezmer music, gypsy jazz and jazz-manouche. The international orchestra involves an accordion, a double bass, a guitar, percussion, a violin, a clarinet, a kaval and a flute. Orchestra’s pearl is a wonderful vocalist Sandra Sanghao. The band will perform for the first time in Russia.


Music of the world in the White Well 


The most picturesque venue of the Platonov Arts Festival – the stage by the lake in the Chalk quarry of the White Well – will hold a one-day festival of the actual folk for the third time. World Music young performers from different countries will demonstrate how diverse and amazing music can be.


 The concert will be attended by the Norwegian band ARVVAS (yoyk, jazz), the singer and master of the game on the bark Sona Jobart from Gambia (for the first time in Russia!) and the Japanese singer Maia Barouh (for the first time in Russia!). The fourth participant of the concert will be announced additionally!

ARVVAS duo mixes jazz play on the double bass (Steinar Raknes) and a peculiar manner of performing traditional Lapland songs - yoyk (Sara Marielle Gaup).

Sona Jobarteh is a collector’s piece on the modern musical Olympus. She is the first woman from the caste of the Griot, playing the bark and guitar masterly. She is naturally endowed with compositional skills and excellent vocal.

Maia Barouh has a special technique of throat singing, used on a small island in southern Japan, combining it with modern and electronic music.

Open-Air in the Green Theatre of the Central Park of Culture and Leisure 


On June 9, the concert program "Dedication to Gershwin" will be performed, revealing the full creativity of the great American composer (1898 - 1937). The concert features a symphonic poem “American in Paris”, “Rhapsody in Blues” for piano and orchestra, George Gershwin's songs from movies, theatre plays and musicals and, of course, the famous arias from the opera “Porgy and Bess”.


The concert will be attended by American soloists - Michelle Bradley (soprano), John Moore (baritone), Katie Mahan (piano) and Voronezh Academic Symphony Orchestra. Conductor - Mark Mandarano (USA). The concert is supported by the US Embassy in Russia.

On June 13, at the Green Theatre the most famous work of the British composer Karl Jenkins – “The Armed Man”: A Mass for Peace will be presented. The concert will be attended by the State Chamber Choir of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Lipetsk Chamber Choir, the Tambov Chamber Choir, the Male Choir of the Voronezh Concert Hall "Russian Format" and the Choir of the Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre. The Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Voronezh Concert Hall will play under direction of the French conductor Jean Deroyer, for whom this concert will be the first in Russia. About 200 people are expected to take part in the concert.

"The Armed Man" (1999) is a large-scale antiwar work based on a Catholic Mass that Jenkins combined with other pieces: for example, the 15th-century French folk song "L'homme armé". It includes the Biblical Psalm and Muslim prayer, and the Gregorian chant, European and Oriental music, the lines of Kipling and Tennyson ... The Armed Man sums up the entire 2000-year history of the new era, sharpening the problem of the world wars of the twentieth century.