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16 January

Mass Media on Platonov Festival

In 2016 people were excited by Platonov Arts festival as never before and came to Voronezh from other cities specifically to visit our arts forum. We picked the most interesting lines from articles and TV coverages on Platonov Arts festival by Moscow and Saint Petersburg media.

Channel Russia 24: “In June Voronezh keeps high standards of the cultural capital of Russia. The birthplace of a great writer Andrey Platonov holds VI International Platonov festival and its success is enormous”.

Channel Russia-Culture: “If you ask someone today about the main attraction of Voronezh many people will without any hesitation answer – Platonov Arts festival. In five years the forum has made the city a cultural centre bringing together people from all over the world.

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta”: “Created by Mikhail Bychkov, director of the Chamber Theater, and supported on federal level by the governor Alexey Gordeev who headed the festival’s Board of Trustees, Platonov festival became perhaps one of the biggest international cultural forums all over the former Soviet Union being preceded only by Moscow and Saint Petersburg”.

Colta.ru: “Platonov festival in Voronezh as a place of power. <…> Platonov festival is one of the examples of a project of national importance both brilliantly designed and thoroughly embodied. It would be a great idea to make it mandatory for future cultural managers to study the phenomenon of Voronezh festival in details”.

“Moskovskij Komsomolets”: “This one of the very few (if not the only) provincial festival in Russia that can attract people from the capital to its performances.  <…> It’s been proved six times: in June Voronezh becomes the cultural capital of Russia”.

“Plays from all over the world, first class musicians, cleverly chosen exhibitions and books, open airs with friendly atmosphere, hundreds of volunteers full of sheer enthusiasm and clear organization – it’s not the first time people come back from Platonov festival in Voronezh bug-eyed”.

Seasons Project: As a this summer must see I would mention Platonov Arts festival which will take place in first half of June in Voronezh. The number of performances that can make even a seasoned theatre-goer from the capital envy is off scale”.

Vash Dosug: “Voronezh: new cultural capital… Platonov festival, the most important arts festival outside the capital, collects best of theatre art from all over the world”.

“The Moscow Times”: “The sprawling 12-day cultural event is redefining the city as one of Russia's most innovative artistic centers. Already four times bigger than its first incarnation in 2011, the Platonov festival is now a significant highlight of Russia's cultural calendar.”

Izvestia: “For two weeks the capital of Chernozem region will become almost the cultural capital of the country: the festival programme is extremely strong and as always, it covers almost all arts – from legitimate drama and visual art to installation and choreographic performances”

“Nezavisimaya Gazeta”: “Platonov Arts festival, held in Voronezh, the birthplace of Andrey Platonov, began his second “five-year plan”. Thanks to tireless work of Mikhail Bychkov, festival’s art director and founder of Voronezh Chamber Theater the festival has grown throughout these years and became one of the most remarkable forums in the country and also had a noticeable influence on the city and the citizens. They are thrilled – in the best possible way”.

We are happy to greet foreign visitors at VII Platonov festival which will take place in Voronezh in June 2 to 14, 2017. If any questions (How to get to Voronezh? Where to stay? etc) please feel free to contact Global Department of Platonov festival: global@platonovfest.com.