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15 June

Sixth Platonov Festival Finished


Yesterday, on June 14, the closing ceremony of the sixth Platonov Arts Festival was held in Opera and Ballet Theatre featuring the artistic director of the forum Mikhail Bychkov and the governor of the Voronezh Region Aleksey Gordeev. The head of the region awarded the festival team a badge of honour "Gratitude from the Land of Voronezh" for a big contribution to the popularization of Andrey Platonov’s cultural heritage as well as the development of literature and art of the Voronezh Region. Then spectators saw the music theatre performance "The Deceitful Crocodile / Dido and Aeneas" directed by Samuel Achche and Jeanne Candel (Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris). This was a Russian premiere of the synthetic production combining the theatre of the absurd, elements of circus performances, music and artist improvisations. One thousand spectators gave a standing ovation to the French artists.


About 100 events were held during thirteen days of the festival. These are plays, concerts, exhibitions, meetings with writers and screenings of films. A lot of projects included in the forum programme were unique and performed in Russia for the first time. For example, the play "Rhinoceros" by the visual art performance master Robert Wilson, physical theatre work "Plexus" by a famous French choreographer and experimenter Aurélien Bory, perfomances of Camerata of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and most of the musicians of the World Music programme. This year the forum hosted participants from 20 countries representing 4 continents: Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Selling of tickets to the festival events started in February, and for just three days half of the tickets were sold out to the spectators. The total amount of the tickets sold almost reached 23 000. However, the forum programme was also full of free events, which extended the number of Platonov Festival attendants to 77 000 people. Considering the comments on social media, this year the festival hosted the largest number of spectators from other cities, especially from Moscow.


Traditionally, the most attended events of the festival are the Theatre Parade with an audience of 16 thousand people this year, an open-air world music concert in the White Well with 3 thousand music lovers from Voronezh and nearby cities gathering on the beach of the chalk quarry, the Book Fair that drew attention of over 10 thousand people and the Festival Night during which 1,5 thousand people came to see the exhibitions in the Kramskoy Museum. 

 This year, the festival was also in the focus of the press’ attention, including the national one. "The International Platonov Arts Festival is one of the biggest cultural events in the country" or "Answering the question, what is the Voronezh main tourist attraction, many people would say without thinking twice – the Platonov Arts Festival. In five years, this forum has made the city a cultural centre, where people head from all over the world" – says the coverage made by the Russia-K TV channel. "The Platonov Festival is one of those examples of brilliantly conceived and perfectly executed project of national importance: it would be great if they made thorough studying of the phenomenon of Voronezh festival obligatory for any university training managers in the cultural sphere" – says the news portal Colta.ru. "In June Voronezh keeps setting the bar high as the cultural capital of Russia. The homeland of a prominent writer Andrey Platonov is hosting the VI International Platonov Festival" – says the Russia-1 channel.