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30 May

Art Centre "Commune"


In 2015, for the first time ever, we opened an art centre that was the venue for the exhibitions, concerts and screenings as well as the place for meetings with writers and other events during the whole festival. It was located in an abandoned printery of the Commune newspaper, which the young reporter Andrey Platonov once wrote his articles for. This year the Platonov Festival is coming back to that place.

Art Centre "Commune" is located at 39 Б Revolutsii Avenue. It will become open to visitors on June 3 at 14:00. It will work daily until June 14. Working hours: from 10:00 up to 23:00 (second floor, where Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai’s The Practices of Growing Up installation is presented will be closed at 20:00). On June 11 the art centre will work until 18:00. On the festival Night of June 12 – until 00:00. 


Unfinished Eisenstein

Stand reconstruction of one of the Eisenstein’s films, "¡Que viva México!" / "Long Live Mexico!".  

Entrance is free


The Practices of Growing-up. Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai

Total installation.

Entrance is free

The Innermost

Photo project based on characters from Andrey Platonov’s books.

Entrance is free

Inverso Mundus / Inverted World

Video installation by the AES+F group. 

Entrance by tickets / 150 roubles


Meeting with Alexei Ivanov

June 3, 18:00

Entrance is free

Behind the Kuiper Belt. Musical trip through the poetry of Fyodor Svarovsky

June 4, 22:00

Entrance is free

Meeting with Alexander Snegirev

June 5, 16:00

Entrance is free


Meeting with Mariam Petrosyan

June 6, 18:00

Entrance is free

Presentation of the comic book "Flowers on the Ground" 

June 7, 18:00

Entrance is free

In Clear Language - youth poetry reading 

June 8, 22:00

Entrance is free

Presentation of the academic edition of Andrey Platonov’s complete works (volume II)

June 10, 15:00

Entrance is free

Forget-me-knives. Poetry reading with Maxim Matkovsky 

June 10, 18:00

Entrance is free

Meeting with Andrey Astvatsaturov

June 13, 16:00

Entrance is free

Lecture on William Faulkner’s novels "Sartoris" and "The Sound and the Fury" by Andrey Astvatsaturov

June 14, 17:00

Entrance is free



Video Projects by AES+F. Workshop of the art group AES+F 

June 3, 16:00

Hosts –  Lev Evzovich and Evgeny Svyatsky, the founders of the art group

You need to sign up in order to participate (art@platonovfest.com).

Discovering Classics. Platonov and Eisenstein 

Hosts – Artyom Sopin and Anna Kovalova.

June 4, 15:00

Presentation of the 110th issue of the magazine "Kinovedcheskie Zapiski"("Cinematography Notes") containing a libretto of "The Sand Teacher" by Andrey Platonov and articles dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Sergei Eisenstein’s film "Battleship Potemkin"; screening of a fragment of the film "Aina" based on Platonov’s libretto and a fragment of "Battleship Potemkin" with the original score by Edmund Meisel.

Entrance is free

Screening of a film programme "Unfinished Eisenstein"

Opening speech by Naum Kleiman, a historian of the cinema and a member of the Board of the Eisenstein Centre

June 4, 19:00

The programme includes Naum Kleiman’s films based on Sergei Eisenstein’s documents and biography: "Bezhin Meadow" (photo film), "Unknown “Ivan the Terrible”" (unique film archives: episodes and scenes that were not included in the film as well as Mikhail Romm’s screen test for the part of Queen Elizabeth of England).

Entrance is free

Screening of a biographic picture about Sergei Eisenstein "The Master’s House"

Opening speech by Naum Kleiman

June 5, 19:00

Entrance is free


The film programme includes films based on Andrey Platonov’s works as well as Sergei Eisenstein’s works and films connected with the exhibition "Unfinished Eisenstein".


"¡Que viva México!" / "Long Live Mexico!" directed by Grigory Alexandrov

June 3, 20:00

Entrance is free

"Sergei Eisenstein. Mexican Fantasy" directed by Oleg Konovalov

June 6, 20:00

Entrance is free

"Battleship Potemkin" directed by Sergei Eisenstein with the original score by Edmund Meisel

June 7, 20:00

Entrance is free

"The General Line" directed by Sergei Eisenstein and Grigory Alexandrov

June 8, 20:00

Entrance is free

 "Strike" directed by Sergei Eisenstein 

June 9, 20:00

Entrance is free

"¡Que viva México!" / "Long Live Mexico!" directed by Grigory Alexandrov 

June 12, 20:00

Entrance is free

 "Fro" directed by Rezo Esadze

June 13, 20:00

Entrance is free

"The Homeland of Electricity" directed by Larisa Shepitko 

June 14, 20:00

Entrance is free


Concert of the group Drugoe Delo (Voronezh)

June 5, 21:00

Entrance is free


Concert of the group The Sheepray (Voronezh)

June 12, 21:30 / Festival Night

Entrance is free

Concert of the group Samoye Bolshoye Prostoye Chislo (St. Petersburg)

June 14, 21:00 / Afterparty

Entrance by flyers. You can get a flyer at the Platonov Festival Directorate a bit later.