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27 May

New Exhibition on the Festival Program


An exhibition “The Innermost” – a photo project on Platonov’s man by Alexey Bychkov – opens at the art-centre “Commune”.

In a project, developed in collaboration with an actor and producer Kamil Tukaev, a photo-artist Aleksey Bychkov visualizes Platonov’s “innermost” man.  

This character ponders and doubts, sometimes suffers and starves, he senses the flow of life with his skin, feels himself an integral part of the huge world and the people inhabiting it. One comes across the innermost man in Platonov’s different works, not only in the eponymous novella. It abounds in understatement and generalization, muted expression with little regard for detail, and yet, makes it possible to identify a contemporary man. 

Who is he, this vessel of the Innermost – a wise man, a martyr, a prophet or just a physiological landscape? An actor of Voronezh Chamber Theatre Boris Goloschapov has become the face and body of Platonov’s universal character.

The exhibition consists of 14 black and white photographs.


"The Innermost" opens on June 3 at 14:00 and lasts until June 14. It will be held at the art-centre “Commune”. Entrance is free.

 Aleksey Bychkov is a young photographer, cameraman and director from Voronezh, studied in the Russian State Institute of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (VGIK). He has worked as a cameraman at “Russia-1”, “Russia-2”, OTR, “Culture” and other channels. As a photography director, he participated in filming “Rita’s Last Fairytale”, a film directed by Renata Litvinova. He also worked as a director and cameraman on a short feature film about Samuil Marshak “Natanelle” (2016), filmed in Voronezh.