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25 May

Street Theatres Parade “Colourful Clouds”

Fire People Theatre

A giant ship made of flowers, “long-legged” ballerinas, 50 fantastic characters created by Andrey Bartenev and a whole host of other things will be shown to the spectators at the Platonov Arts Festival.

On June 12 Revolutsii avenue will host a costume parade featuring performers from Europe and Russia. The parade starts from the Andrey Platonov monument. This year’s parade is called “Colourful Clouds” and will feature more performers than ever.

Parade participants:

- Pavana (the Netherlands), one of the spectators’ favourites at the 2014 festival. In Voronezh the stilt-walkers will present their new costumes and new show Le Ballerine;

- Efimer (Spain), for whom this will be the first ever time in Russia, with their show Traps;

Pavana Theatre

- Bubbles of Hope by Andrey Bartenev (Moscow) – 50 characters in bright costumes made of balloons, created by Andrey Bartenev – “the embodiment of performance”, one of the world’s most in-demand artists;

- Fire People (Moscow) – winners of dozens of theatre awards, participants of some of the most famous festivals in the world including the Burning Man festival in the USA and the Carnival of Venice. They’ll “swim” down Revolutsii avenue aboard a big ship made of flowers;

- Mr. Pejo’s Wandering Dolls (Saint Petersburg) – participants of the 2015 Platonov Arts Festival. They’ll join the parade wearing costumes from the Last Bastion show. This cheerful performance will be shown later that evening in Sovetskaya Square but who knows, maybe the buffoons will want to launch their catapult during the parade as well;

- Government Brass Band (Voronezh);

- drummer girls from Voronezh Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service;

For the first time ever the parade will feature Voronezh performers who have signed up for the parade and have been selected through competition. 

On June 12-13 the participants of the parade will give free street performances in the squares and parks of the town.