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10 May

Public Readings


Public Readings will be held on June 11 at the Soviet Square, beginning at 12.00. It will re-unite the participants and guests of the festival, public men and figures of culture and art, as well as residents of Voronezh and neighboring towns who applied to participate. Online application has worked for three years and people of different ages and professions take part in the Relay.


At the Soviet Square this year will sound the story of Andrey Platonov "Bread and Reading" which was published for the first time in 2000. The numerous visitors of the Book Fair will be able to hear it. The Book Fair will take place at that time at the Square.

Every participant of the Public Reading should read a passage from the story of Platonov lasting about three minutes. In general, there will be about 60 participants in the Public Reading. They get their passage in advance.