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28 April

New exhibition in the programme


A large exhibition of paintings and drawings from the collection of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts will be presented at the VI Platonov Arts Festival.


One of the largest Russian art museums, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts will show works from its collection for the first time in Voronezh. The Platonov Arts Festival will present the exhibition "I Live and See" to the audience in which the works of . An exhibition of "I live and see" will be presented to the audience of Platonovfest, which includes works of nonconformist artists from a poet and art critic collection, one of the Second Russian avant-garde leaders Vsevolod Nekrasov.

The exhibition holds about 100 paintings, drawings and photographs. These are art pieces of Lianozovo artists, which became one of the most important centres of Russian "unofficial art" of "Thaw" period: Eugene Kropivnitskiy, Olga Potapova, Lydia Masterkova, Oscar Rabin, Vladimir Nemukhin, Oleg Vasiliev, Erik Bulatov, Francisco Infante and others.

"I Live and See" will take the place which was intended for the exhibition of the Petrograd avant-garde within Platonov Arts Festival programme, the cancellation of which we recently reported.


The exhibition will be located at Kramskoy's Art Museum from June, 2 to July, 31.