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25 April

“The Petrograd Avant-garde” exhibition is cancelled


Instead of the project of the State Russian Museum there will be another exhibition presented at the Festival.

We have recently announced that the exhibition “The Petrograd Avant-garde of 1915 - 1925. Paintings and graphics from the collection of the State Russian Museumis included in the festival programme. It was planned that more than 100 works of the artists who were the members of the community “Apartment №5” will be displayed.

However, the Museum has come to an unexpected decision to significantly reduce the number of the exhibited objects, completely eliminating the paintings. In addition, most of the previously proposed graphic artworks have been substituted by less-known ones. In our opinion, it changes the concept of the exhibition and diminishes its artistic merit.

We realise that our audiences, who remember the large-scale projects of the Platonov Arts Festival over the past years, do expect new, equally great discoveries. That is why we rejected the idea of the “incomplete exhibition” of the collection of the Russian Museum in Voronezh and started to search for a worthy replacement to it. We sincerely apologise to those who were interested in this exhibition. We are confident that the project which is going to replace it will be a remarkable event at the VI Platonov Arts Festival.