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11 March

For most of the Platonov Festival events all tickets have already been sold out!

Spectators in White Well

Audience is taking an unprecedented interest in classical music concerts and foreign theater plays. For these events, of the Festival Program, almost all tickets have been already sold out.

Tickets for the music open-airs of Platonov Festival are still in sales, just because they are taking place on the open platforms, hosting more than 1.5 thousand spectators:

- “World Music in White Well” (June 11);

- “World Music in Green Theater” (June 12);

- “New Opera Names of America” (June 13).

In addition, there is still an opportunity to acquire tickets for some theater plays and concerts in the roofed halls:

- “Rhinoceros”, National Theater Craiova, Romania, directed by Robert Wilson (June 2,3,4);

- “Three Sisters”, Novosibirsk State Academic Theatre “Red Torch”, directed by Timothy Kulyabin (June 9,10);

- “Chevengur”, Theatre by Stanislavsky House, Moscow, directed by Yuri Pogrebnichko (June 10,11);

- “Svanhild”, Grusomhetens Teater, Norway, directed by Lars Øyno (June 13,14);

- Concert of Benjamin Yusupov (Israel) and Maxim Rysanov (UK), June 5.

Inquiries about tickets and discounts are here.