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25 February

Tickets and sales

Tickets for the Platonov Arts Festival performances and concerts have been on sale since February 26.

Festival box office locations:

- Opera and Ballet Theatre (7, Lenin’s Square);

- Philharmonic Hall (11a, Lenin’s Square);

- Chamber Theatre (55а, Karl Marx’ Street.);

- Voronezh Concert Hall (17, Teatral’naya Street);

- Chizhov Gallery shopping centre (35, Kol’tsovskaya Street): ground floor;

- Moscovsky Prospect shopping centre (129, Moskovsky Avenue): ground floor;

- City-Park “Grad” (3, Parkovaya Street, Solnechny settlement, Ramon region): ground and first floors;

- "Maximir" shopping center (174p, Leninsky Avenue): ground floor;

- "Arena" shopping center (23b, Victory Boulevard): ): ground floor;

- "Petrovsky Passage" shopping center (54a, 20th anniversary of VLKSM Street): ground floor;

- Central Department Store (38, Revolution Avenue): to be opened after reconstruction.

The daily working hours of all the box offices are from 10:00 till 19:00, except that at the Voronezh Concert Hall, which opens at 11.00. 

Telephone: 228-93-80

Discount Tickets

Students and pensioners are entitled to a 20% discount when purchasing tickets at the box offices (the discount does not apply to the tickets of the first two, most expensive, price categories). Upon presentation of one identity document, you can obtain one discount ticket for every event. A pensioner identity card or a student card has to be presented when both purchasing the tickets and entering the event venue. 

Attention: discount tickets are only available at the box offices – electronic ticket systems cannot check the documents granting a discount. Booking tickets online and collecting them at a discount price from a box office is impossible: a ticket agent cannot make any alterations in your order. 

Also, till March 8 inclusively, "World Music in White Well" open-air tickets are available at a reduced price of 1200 RUB instead of the usual 1500 RUB. The discount does not apply to the VIP zone tickets. No extra discounts are available to students or pensioners.  

You can purchase or book tickets online on our site. 

To do so, select an event in "Programme 2016" and press the "Tickets"  button. 

If you have chosen "buy a ticket" option, print out the electronic ticket on an A4 sheet and show it to the ticket-collector at the entrance to the event venue. If you have chosen "book a ticket" option, you are to collect the ticket at any of the festival box office locations within 48 hours, after which time the booking will automatically be annulled.