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29 February

Mikhail Bychkov welcomes the audience

Dear audience!

Every year you expect form Platonov Arts Festival new bright impressions, meetings with art events and masters, who represent contemporary world theater, music and visual arts, literature. If you look at today's world art in its variety of embodiments, it becomes clear that our visual experience is limited to only a small part of this great wealth. Platonov Arts Festival’s team is doing everything to extend this experience, to show different edges of contemporary art, to present to Voronezh citizens and guests of the festival new names, styles, genres, and new combinations of means of expression in the works of artists from around the world.
The VI International Platonov Arts Festival will be international, as always – theater and music programs will be presented by artists from 18 countries, four continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

The festival will certainly become unprecedented in terms of the diversity of modern theatrical and musical arts, and I hope that it will involve in its orbit even more educated, inquisitive, ready for everything new, friendly and open-minded people.

The program is very diverse, it is important to find your bearings in it and choose what you really like, what you can discover and accept with interest for yourself. Be attentive to the information accompanying the announcements of our performances and concerts, and be sure that you will find something for you within the program of the festival.