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28 January

Theater program of the festival announced!

Performance "Rhinoceros". Photo by Julian Mommert


In the event poster - 11 performances, 5 of which will be shown for the first time in Russia. Theatre companies from 7 countries will attend the arts forum.

In our programme, we have tried to reflect the diversity of today's theatre, a variety of languages ​​and dialects, in which it speaks. In the event poster - not just the usual drama performances, but also visual, plastic, and synthetic performances, as well as the modern circus, hip-hop opera and other formats – sometimes unique know-how of directors.

The festival will start on June, 2 with two beautiful, but completely different from each other performances. The first of them is “Rhinoсeros” by American director Robert Wilson on the play of Eugene Ionesco, staged at the National Theatre of Craiova in Romania. Perfectionist Wilson is perhaps the most famous master of visual theatre, one of the most renowned representatives of theatre avant-garde of XX-XXI centuries. The “Rhinoceros” will be a Russian premiere. The second performance is a graceful theatrical eccentricity “Bianco su Bianco” by Daniele Finzi Pasca. The Swiss director, choreographer and clown is well known to Russian audience - not only to theatergoers, but also to TV viewers: Daniele directed the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin (2006) and Sochi (2014). Daliele himself calls this technique “theatre of the caress”.

The closing ceremony of the festival will be attended by a world premiere of non-published play of Norwegian classic Henrik Ibsen “Svanhild”, staged in Oslo by Lars Øyno. In the contrary to Finzi Pasca, he calls himself the follower of “theatre if cruelty” and Antonin Artaud, despite considerably works this theatre concept over. In “Svanhild”, he plays with time and meanings, despite the fact that the image of characters in meticulously recreated costumes of XIX century gives the impression of historical reconstruction.

Among the Russian premieres – “a live choreographic film “Deep Dish” directed by Austrian choreographer Chris Haaring, a “plastic” performance “Plexus” directed by French choreographer Aurélien Bory and performed by Japanese ballet dancer Kaori Ito, and a hip-hop opera “The City” from Israel, directed by reper Amit Ulman.

In the traditional “Platonov programme” there are three Russian performances: “Chevengur” directed by Yuri Pogrebnichko (Theatre by Stanislavsky House, Moscow), “The Epifan Locks” directed by Marina Brusnikina (Oleg Tabakov theatre, Moscow), and “Platonov.Fro” directed by Mikhail Rakhlin (MXAT School, Victor Ryzhakov workshop, Moscow).

More importantly, we continue the cooperation with our creative partner – the national festival-award “Golden Mask”, and present two roaring Russian performances of 2015 year to the audience. In collaboration with the project “Golden Mask” Festival in Voronezh, we will host the performances “Three Sisters” on Anton Chekhov’s play directed by Timothy Kulyabin (“Red Torch” Theatre, Novosibirsk) and “The Drunk Ones” on Ivan Vyrypaev’s play directed by Andrey Moguchyi (Tovstonogov Big Drama Theatre, Saint-Petersburg).

For the information about theatre programme, please follow the link.

The music programme of the festival will be announced on February, 9. Tickets will be on sale in the end of February.