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8 July

“High Tension”: article about Platonov Arts Festival in “Ekran i Scena” (Screen and Stage) newspaper


Voronezh has acquired a status of “The cultural capital of the CIS-2015”. The leading role in this decision played the International Platonov Arts festival, which celebrated its first anniversary. Five years is the age of the young. However, the international forum, created and organized by an artistic director of the Camber Theatre Mikhail Bychkov, has shown how mass it would be from the first steps. Each year the format of the festival is expanding due to new projects it is realizing. In the same very time, more and more people are becoming fans of the forum. A modest number of 16 thousand viewers, who came to the first festival, is growing rapidly. For now, almost five should multiply it. However, no doubt, that is not a question of symbols…