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6 June

June, 6 – Day 4 of Platonov Arts Festival

Public readings. Photo by Karina Magomedova

Today two press conferences in art centre “Commune” and public readings of Andrey Platonov’s letters on the Soviet Square happened, an exhibition in Koltsovsky Park, Igor Tishin’s exposition in H.L.A.M. Gallery opened, and a Mark Pekarsky’s concert, “Smashed”, “Modern Choreography night”, “The Cow” performances, and many other events took place!

The traditional for the festival public readings of Andrey Platonov’s letters took place on the Soviet Square. This year the location was not an open stage in the Square centre, but a playground on the green lawn near the Book Fair tents. Members, among whom the special representative of Russian President for International Cultural Cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoy, theatre critics Ekaterina Demetrius, Olga Egoshina and Marina Dmitrievskaya, participants of the festival program, Voronezh politicians, businessmen and cultural figures, as well as residents who have submitted a request via Internet, read Andrey Platonov’s war stories. 

“The Ring” exposition opening. Photo by Evgenia Gorokhova

Koltsovsky Park opened a large display of art pieces created by the artists from the CIS countries entitled “The Ring”. Works by such artists as Vusal Rahim (Azerbaijan), Aigerim Mazhitkhan (Kazakhstan), Suleyman Sharifi (Tadjikistan) and Sergey Gorshkov (Voronezh) will be presented there. Turning to the theme of ancient cults and their ancestors’ traditions, the artists draw the viewers’ attention to overlap-points between different civilizations and the necessity of treating the monuments of culture with care. The exposition is open until June 14.

In Chamber Theatre Aleksandr Petrov, one of the most famous Russian artists-animators, taught a master-class “Stop-motion art”. The technique of animated painting or painting on glass is a unique know-how used by Aleksandr Petrov, who needs a paintbrush only for the finishing touches. He uses slow-drying transparent oil paints, which pass light through the glass layers. 

In H.L.A.M. Gallery Igor Tishin’s project “Human Matter” was opened.  The exhibition consists of 24 works, 6 of which - those based on Andrey Platonov’s prose and the writer’s portrait – were accomplished in Voronezh. 

Igor Tishin uses a technique called “painting on photographs” showing both contrast and synthesis of reality and spontaneity of an artist.  Photographs are a basis for his artistic intrusion: some parts of photographs disappear under a layer of paint and only then some other parts of these photographs are understood in a different way. The exhibition is open until June 28.

Art centre “Commune” held a meeting with Alexey Varlamov and Linor Goralik, who presented her new book “Martin won’t cry”. In the evening, the traditional film show took place: Voronezh citizens watched “Ranks and People” (director – Yakov Protazanov, 1929).

Photo by Anton Letnikov.

“Music for percussion” performance took place in Chamber Theatre this evening. Mark Pekarsy Ensemble is the first ensemble of percussion instruments in Russia. It was founded in 1976. The Ensemble present their concert shows in the way of the original theatrical performances. The members of the Ensemble have invented a new genre – Percussion Performance.

A free concert by “The Bambir” band from Armenia on the Soviet Square and a free concert by “Drum Ecstasy” band from Belarus on the open stage in Arena Park took place this evening as well. In “Alye Parusa” park there was a circus tent of GiroldonCircus Company from Switzerland, where the artists will show “The Fool” performance for several days.

In Opera and Ballet Theatre the performance “Modern Choreography Night. Vladimir Vasiliev’s Workshop” happened. The project was prepared specially for Platonov Festival third edition, and this year it was again included in the festival program.

Smashed, Gandini Juggling

In Voronezh Concert Hall the first edition of “Smashed” performance by Gandini Juggling company (Great Britain) took place. The show is a premiere in Russia – Voronezh citizens were the first viewers of the performance. A series of nostalgic filmic scenes explore conflict, tense relationships and lost love. “Smashed” is an hour-long piece involving nine skilled jugglers, 80 red apples, 4 crockery sets and… an unforgettable afternoon tea. Simultaneously evoking great pleasure and small disquiet, Smashed lightly disrupts the rigid conventions of etiquette, dress and body language. This funny, inventive and characterful work is akin to dance theatre and will challenge your perception of contemporary juggling.

In Chamber Theatre “The Cow” performance by ARTiSHOK Theatre form Kazakhstan happened. A young director Anna Zinovieva develops a particular life story – that of a boy called Vasya – until it acquires global proportions: “My granny is a “cow”, and so is my mum. This is all about the generation growing up in the Soviet Union. Those people might not have been as highly educated as the ones living now, but they were real, kind, warm. Now the like are few and far between.”