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4 June

June, 4 - Day 2 of Platonov Arts Festival

Platonov Award ceremony. Photo by Natalia Esipova

June 4 is one of the most eventful days of the festival program: the Laboratory of street theatres, two exhibitions’ opening, Platonov Award Ceremony, four performance showings, a concert and a meeting with a writer – all these events happened in one day.

At 1 p.m. the Laboratory of street theatres by the Polish Teatr Biuro Podrozy took place in the Puppet Theatre “Shut”. Director Pawel Szkotak and his colleagues teach Voronezh actors how to create a street performance. After two days of the Laboratory some of Voronezh actors will participate in the performance “Carmen Funebre” which will be shown during Platonov Arts Festival. 

Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy opened an exposition “The Great Cinemo!” It comprises 73 works by the first Russian artists of the film poster (G. Alexeev, M. Kalmanson, P. Zhytkov) and the masters of avant-garde (A. Lavinsky, Stenberg brothers, N. Prusakov, M. Wexler and others) from the collection of the State Russian Museum. The exposition will be open until July 4.

"Art in Motion" exposition. Photo by Karina Magomedova

The Chamber Theatre Gallery opened an exposition “Aleksandr Petrov. Art in Motion.” Aleksandr Petrov is one of the most famous Russian artists-animators, Merited Master of the Arts of Russia, a laureate of the State Prize of the RF, an Oscar winner, a laureate of Platonov Award in Literature and Arts and many other accolades. The audience will have a chance to trace the process of filmmaking: starting with drafts and sketches and ending with complete frames - picturesque scenes, which will be presented in display windows illuminated from beneath. What is more, Petrov’s films will be on show at the Gallery throughout exhibition running time. The exhibition will be open until June 28.

The Platonov Award in Literature and Arts ceremony took place in Opera and Ballet Theatre. The winner of the award for “aesthetic loyalty to “Lone Voice of Man” and devotion to “common goal” of the return of Andrey Platonov’s legacy” has become writer Andrei Bitov. Traditionally, the winner gets a diploma and monetary remuneration (1 million rubles), with a memorable pin of Platonov Award’s laureate made of gold and rock crystal. After the ceremony, the concert of National Russian Orchestra by direction of Mikhail Pletnev happened. Soloist – Maxim Rysanov (viola, Great Britain). The program included compositions of Mikhail Pletnev, Johannes Brahms, and Johann Sebastian Bach.

The second performance of “Platonov. The First Meeting” by МХАТ School (Victor Ryzhakov workshop) took place in Chamber Theatre. The play is based on the following works: “Teacher of the Sands”, “Dry Bread”, “The Potudan River”, “The Time’s Flow”, “Girl Rosa”, “At the Dawn of Misty Youth”, “Happy Moscow”,  “The Return”, “Dzhan”, “The Recovery of the Fallen”, “Alterke”, “The Gift of Life”, “Still Mother”,  “Coloured Butterfly” and “The Third Son”.

In art centre “Commune” a “Little Red Devils” movie was shown (Director – Ivan Perestiani, 1923). A film poster to this movie is presented at the “Great Cinemo!” exhibition.

"En Enemy of the People". Photo by Oleg Polekhin

The second performance of “Mad Man’s Diary” by Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre and Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione co-production took place in Drama Theatre named after A. Koltsov.

The Theatre for Young Spectators showed “An Enemy of the People” performance by Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe based on Henrik Ibsen’s play (director – Lev Dodin).

At 8.30 p.m. the performance “Forget Me Not” by Philippe Genty and Mary Underwood was shown in Voronezh Concert Hall. One of Philippe Genty’s most beautiful performances has toured the whole world since it was first staged in 1992. In 2012, Genty and Underwood created a new version of the original work in collaboration with Norwegian actors – Nord Trondelag University College de Verdal graduates, who brought a mystical atmosphere and northern colors onto the stage.