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8 June

June, 8 – Day 6 of Platonov Arts Festival


Today the Russian premiere of “Vertigo20” (Vertigo Dance Company, Israel), Mgzavrebi free concert and dramatized readings of Andrey Platonov’s letters took place.

“I think over the choreography of the future play in silence because I want to feel the origins and movement motivation. I do not want to illustrate the music, - said Noa Wertheim - choreographer, founder of Vertigo Dance Company - at the morning press conference. - Only then I go to the composer, we discuss my ideas and argue a lot. Finally, we manage to find a common language, so he begins to write music.” Today Voronezh citizens managed to be the first viewers acquainted with the work of Vertigo Dance Company. Performance “Vertigo 20”, staged to the anniversary of the company, was shown in the Opera and Ballet Theatre this evening.





In art centre “Commune” the dramatic reading of Andrey Platonov’s letters by actors of the Voronezh Chamber Theatre took place. Director – German Grekov. After that, in the evening Voronezh citizens watched a movie entitled “The Descendant of Genghis-Khan” (Director – Vsevolod Pudovkin, 1928). 



Mgzavrebi (Georgia)







Free open air gig of Georgian band Mgzavrebi that took place on the Soviet square lasted about three hours and rocked the crowd. Voronezh warmly welcomed musicians who played yesterday in the “World Music in the quarry White Well” open-air.


The second showing of “Aphrodite” performance based on Andrey Platonov’s works also happened. Director Yulia Belyaeva representing The Theatre «Sfera» which has successfully toured Russia, South Korea, the USA and Europe, combines two different Platonov’s novels «Fro» and «Aphrodite» which are united by the theme of overpowering love, hope and faith needed for saving a man from dismay and emptiness. It is not a mere coincidence that the experts in Platonov’s works find a strong connection between these two novels.