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16 June

V International Platonov Arts Festival results

Mikhail Bychkov 

Yesterday Mikhail Bychkov, the artistic director of the festival, ran a final press conference in art centre “Commune”, where the main figures of the arts forum were announced.

About 22 thousand tickets were sold to the performances, concerts and exhibitions of Platonov Festival. 22 million 770 thousand rubles (~373.5 thousand euros) is amount of dues. About 13 thousand tickets were sold to the events of theatre program, about 4.7 thousand – to the events of “Classical music” section, almost 3.5 thousand – to the “World music” events (“World Music in White Well quarry” and “Beyond the memory. In the memory of the great Paco de Lucia” in Ramon), all the rest tickets – to the exhibitions. There also were plenty of free events, such as master-classes, open rehearsals and lectures, with participation of the great masters – musicians, artists, choreographers, theatre workers.

Besides, this year there were more street theatre performances after their participation in the Parade (about 15 thousand people came to the Street Theatre Parade). 19 performances took place on the Soviet Square, “Alye parusa” park, and in the cities of the Voronezh region: “Tall brothers” and “Sketches in space” performed in Rossosh, Teatr Biuro Podrozy – in Liski.

World Music gig in White Well quarry was attended by more than 3000 people and proved that the place is a great venue for such open-air concerts.

The art centre “Commune” was also very important for the festival: here you could hear the heart-rending letters of Andrey Platonov and the deepest thoughts of Literature program participants; there always played some music accompanying silent movies which continued the exhibition project “Great Cinemo!” About 8 thousand people visited the events of art centre “Commune”.