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15 May

"Vladimir Vasiliev's workshop" in the festival program again!



A lot of spectators remember “Vladimir Vasiliev’s Workshop”, a successful 2013 project prepared specially for Platonov Festival third edition. Yet another modern choreography night based on Platonov’s works is to be featured in the arts forum program - on 6 June in the Opera and Ballet Theatre. Tickets are available.

Such outstanding new generation choreographers of the CIS countries as Radu Poklitaru, Elena Bogdanovich, Vera Arbuzova, Yuri Smekalov, Arina Panfilova, Dmitry Zalessky and Alexander Mogilev worked on the performance. Having chosen Platonov’s work, each of them designed and staged a choreographic sketch involving the actors of the Voronezh Opera and Ballet theatre. 

The author and leader of the project is Vladimir Vasiliev – an acclaimed ballet master, who has defined classical male dance style of the second half of the XX century. He combined the choreographers’ sketches into a single ballet performance.

You can book tickets for the night of modern choreography “Vladimir Vasiliev's workshop” here.