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24 April

Street Theatres Parade again in Voronezh!

"Big Dancers" (El Carromato, Spain)

Yesterday at the press conference, Mikhail Bychkov told the journalists about “Street theatre” festival program. The section that was successfully launched last year will be presented even brighter in 2015: 8 theatre companies will come to Voronezh from Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Moscow and St. Petersburg.


On June 12 (Russia Day), along the Revolutsii avenue will take place a Street Theatre Parade "Over the city." There will be both theatres familiar to Voronezh citizens over last year's shows, and ones that have never performed in our city before. All the artists – actors, stilt-walkers, dancers, musicians, jugglers – wearing amazing costumes will flood onto the central street of Voronezh with fantastic characters such as aliens and fairy tale characters, flying jellyfish and headless giants and many others…

7 theatre companies will take part in the parade: Dulce Compania (Germany), El Carromato (Spain), Mr. Pejo’s Wandering Dolls (St. Petersburg), Tall Brothers (Moscow), Sketches in Space (Moscow), Art Group Freak Cabaret (Moscow) and Voronezh State Circus named after A.L. Durov. 

After the parade, all participants will present their shows at 3 city venues  in Voronezh - Soviet square, park “Alye Parusa”, art centre  “Commune”, and some will go to Voronezh region locations as well to give a chance for the citizens of remote from the cultural life areas enjoy their street interactive shows. 


"Mignone" (Mr. Pejo's Wandering Dolls, St. Petersburg)

Street Performances

June 12, Soviet Square: authorial theatre “Sketches in Space” will play a story “Over the City” about a poet’s becoming.

June 12 – 13, Soviet Square and park  “Alye Parusa”:

 - Dulce Compania (Germany) will present 2 shows – absurd interactive walkact “Headless” and dance performance “Doux Amour”.

- El Carromato (Spain) will present colorful giants “Big Dancers”. 

- Tall Brothers (Moscow) a merry clown group will meet again with Voronezh public, their new show is called “The story about two reprises”.

- Mr. Pejo’s Wandering Dolls (St. Petersburg) will show a chamber mystery and touching performance Mignone about a girl who lives in the cupboard.


"Carmen Funebre" (Teatr Biuro Podrozy, Poland)

 June 12 – 13, yard of “Commune” art center


 - Teatr Biuro Podróży (Poland) will show their oldest and probably one of the well-known and highly acclaimed performance “Carmen Funebre” which is about the War in Bosnia. Stilts, fire, searchlights, spectacular sets, and chilling music threaten the audience while evoking both fear and compassion. Although there are few words in the performance, the images are clear and powerful. Performance has already been presented in more than 50 countries. Traveling all over the world, Teatr Biuro Podróży always collaborates with actors from local theatres to create “Carmen Funebre”. In Voronezh the members of the Polish troupe will do an audition among actors of different theatres, who will participate in art-laboratory. The workshop schedule will be announced later.


 June 06 – 13, park “Alye Parusa”

 - Giroldon Circus (Switzerland) – the smallest traveling theatre group of Europe, which consists of only 2 actors, will show in their circus tent the chamber performance “The Fool”. Entrance to the show, in contrast to all other shows of street program, will be charged. The performance will also be shown free of charge to underprivileged citizenry.  Giroldon Circus has been traveling from country to country and showing its performances the public for more than 25 years.


 Due to the fact that troupes from Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Poland are included in the festival program, the geography of participants of the festival is expanding. To this very moment, 20 countries will take part in the 5th Platonov Arts Festival!