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24 April

Tickets for the musical performance in Ramon and one more production based on Platonov are now available.


Paco de Lucia

On June 13 in the park of the Oldenburg Palace in Ramon, a traditional festival open air venue, one of the most long-awaited Platonovfest musical events will take place. Last year's audience listened to the light, little bit sad and dreamy Fado by a charming Portuguese singer Cristina Branco, but this summer we are going to present an emotional Spanish guitar and a spectacular show dedicated to the genius Paco de Lucia.


«Beyond the memory tour» is a tribute concert in memory of the late Paco de Lucia, dedicated to his music out of more than four decades. Paco de Lucia (1947 - 2014) was a great flamenco-style performer and the founder of the "new flamenco"; he brought this genre beyond Spanish folk music, having made it popular all over the world. Paco de Lucia has left a field of musical seeds that has influenced musicians worldwide. The concert takes you through his musical life with the most beautiful songs like “Entre dos Aguas” , “Zyryab”, “Solo quiero caminar” and many others, performed by the best musicians that accompanied him in the different periods of his musical lifeAntonio Sanchez and Jose Mari Bandera (guitars), Jorge Pardo (flute, sax), Carles Benavent and Alain Perez (bass), Antonio Serrano (harmonica, key), El Piraña and Rubem Dantas (percussion). You will also have the pleasure to listen to the flamenco singers Duquende and Chonchi as well as enjoy flamenco dance performed by incredible Joaquin Grilo.


With all these great memories that have these great artists, we thought of a concept to thrill and touch the audience with the vision of letting everybody be a part of Paco de Lucia’s great legacy for the last time. The show will take you through his musical life with photos, extracts from the new documentary “La Busqueda” (The search) directed by his son Curro and of course with a lot of his music. 

«Beyond the memory» tribute project will be presented for the first time in Russia at Platonov Arts Festival! 

“Emptiness of Soul” performance 


The theatre program of the 5th Platonov Arts Festival now also includes one more performance based on Platonov’s novels. On June 9th at 18:00 Voronezh citizens will see the «Emptiness of Soul» production of the “Theatre of equals” (director – Vadim Krivosheev) on the big stage of the Voronezh Theatre for Young Spectators.

 “Emptiness of Soul” is a combination of Andrey Platonov’s novels “Fro”, “Emptiness of Soul”, “Yushka” and is about living through the hardship Soviet era and eternal suffering of the soul.  The premiere was held in March 2015 in Voronezh by today the performance and has already been presented at the Munich Arts Festival «Rampenlichter».

 “Theatre of equals” is a unique cultural project, which unites ordinary young people as well as men and women with disabilities. The troupe consists of 26 artists, half of whom are blind, wheelchair invalids, ISP and dampened growth suffering, with mental retardation and hardness of hearing people.

 Tickets are on sale now!