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20 March

V Platonov Arts Festival visual art program

Pavel Filonov. Animals, 1930.

Yesterday, the visual art program of the V festival edition was announced by artistic director of Platonovfest Mikhail Bychkov at a press-conference, which took place at the Chamber theatre. This year Platonov Festival will present 8 exhibition projects, 3 of which will be held at a new venue – the building of a former print shop “Commune”.  This will be the most extensive visual art program Platonov Festival has ever presented. 


June 3d will see the opening of “Pavel Filonov. Art Worker” exhibition at the Art Museum named after Kramskoy, featuring paintings and graphics by one of the leaders of Russian avant-garde and the founder of analytical art Pavel Filonov from the collection of the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg).


It is for the first time that Platonov Festival has collaborated with the Russian Museum, one of the largest cultural institutions of our country. The great artist’s 43 works that we are going to see in June have never been displayed in Voronezh before.

June 3d will also see the opening of “In Space with No Borders” display at the Exhibition Hall at 8, Kirov Street. The exposition will feature costume and set sketches, models by set designers of the former USS republics from the collection of A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum. The idea of the project emerged after Voronezh was announced “the CIS cultural capital 2015”.  

On June 4th the preview of “The Great Cinemo” exhibition, dedicated to the Russian film poster of 1910-1920s, will take place on the second floor of the Art Museum named after Kramskoy.

Anton Lavinskiy. Battleship Potemkin, 1926.


Opening this display, Platonov festival turns to film art, in fact, the very roots of the latter, i.e. the silent film era. The exposition comprises 73 works by the first Russian artists of the film poster (Georgy Alexeev, Mikhail Kalmanson) and the masters of avant-garde (Anton Lavinsky, Stenberg brothers, Mikhail Wexler and others) from the collection of the State Russian Museum.

June 4th will see the opening of “Aleksandr Petrov. Art in Motion” exhibition at the Chamber Theatre Gallery.  Aleksandr Petrov is one of the most prominent Russian animators, an Oscar winner, a laureate of Platonov Award in Literature and Art and many other awards.


The exhibition will enable its viewers to see the film-making process at various stages: from drafts and sketches to frames – picturesque scenes. Petrov’s films will be on show at the Gallery throughout exhibition running time.

Shot from "My Love" by Aleksandr Petrov.

On June 6th Aleksandr Petrov will give a master-class on come-to-life painting technique at the Theatre club of Chamber Theatre. In full view of the audience he will reproduce his famous film shots on a special painted-animation stand; the master-class participants will see how and with what materials the animator works.


June 5th will see the opening of three exhibitions in the old building of the print shop “Commune”.

“Fear, Bread and Faith” is an exposition comprising 44 items of Russian chronicle photography of 1920 – 1930s, which bear resemblance to Platonov’s plots and character types. The photographs belong to the collections of the Russian Union of Art Photographers, the archives of Soviet photographers Mark Markov-Grinberg and Arkady Shaikhet, the artistic group “Kamenny Poyas” (The Stone Belt), Chelyabinsk.

“Sheer Enthusiasm of Life” is an exhibition of Andrey Platonov’s publications in Voronezh periodicals from 1918 to 1925. He is the author of about 300 texts in “Voronezhskaya Kommuna”(Voronezh Commune), “Krasnaya Derevnya”(Red Village), “Nasha Gazeta”(Our Newspaper), “Trudovoy Klich”(Labour Call), “Repeynik” (Bur), “Ogni” (The Lights) newspapers and “Zhelezny Put” (The Iron Way) magazine. At the moment, the publications are being searched for and selected.

“The Impossible” is a children’s exhibition by the studio “Stupeni” (Steps). Specially for Platonov Festival the students of “Stupeni” studio of Voronezh SUACE (State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering) design faculty create drawings, models and lettering designs. Over 60 works will take the viewers to the new worlds, imaginary universes, childhood dreams and emotions.

June 6th will see the opening of Igor Tishin’s solo exhibition “Human Matter” at H.L.A.M. Gallery – a project status-related to “Voronezh as the CIS cultural capital 2015”.

 Igor Tishin is one of the most remarkable modern artists of Belarus. Combining his freedom as a painter with the spontaneity of a photographer, he  superimposes the imaginary on the real, thus both contrasting and synthesizing the two. 

“Human Matter” exhibition will comprise 24 works, 6 of which - those based on Andrey Platonov’s prose and the writer’s portrait – will be accomplished in Voronezh.