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6 March

More than half of tickets sold!

"Rice", Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. Photo by LIU Chen-hsiang.

More than 60% of tickets are not available for theatre program events. There are almost no free seats for “An Enemy of the People” (The Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe), “The Mad Man’s Diary” (Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre), “Home. Eros. Faith.” (Med a prach, Slovakia), “Forget me not” (Compagnie Philippe Genty in artistic association with MCNN), “Rice” (Cloud Gate Dance Theatre), “Seven Moons” (Theatre “Ilkhom”), and to performances based on Andrey Platonov's works.


More than 70% of tickets for classical music concerts have been sold. 20% of all entering tickets for the festival open-air marathon of the world music in the quarry “White Well” are sold up to date, and we intend to attract people's attention, especially youngsters, to its interesting line-up.


If the sales pace is the same, in April we will have to take a break in the festival ticket campaign. Hurry up to buy tickets while they are still available!