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2 March

Voronezh citizens show keen interest in upcoming Platonov Festival

"Forget me not"Compagnie Philippe Genty, photo by Pascal François.

February 27th booking to performances and concerts of Platonov Arts Festival-2015 started. Sales results of the past three days show that Voronezh citizens are interested in the festival program as never before and buy tickets more dynamic than previous years.

In 2014 we celebrated the sale of 6.5 thousand tickets in the first three days as a record high which was 30% of its total make. But this year 8 thousand tickets were sold in three days which is more than 40% of its total amount.

“We are always nervous and excited about presenting our program to the public, - says Mikhail Bychkov, artistic director of International Platonov Festival. - After having got acquainted with a large number of outstanding theatre companies and musicians, after seeing a number of masterpieces and bright experiments during the previous festival editions, Voronezh spectator has become extremely sophisticated and fastidious: we are expected not to lower the bar, and it becomes much more difficult each year. It was not easy for us to create this year’s program as it was being formed against the background of economic and political instability, and while starting booking we were eager to know how our audience would react. I am very grateful now to Voronezh citizens for their keen interest in what we are preparing.  Of course there are several improvements in booking system: there are more festival box offices which are equipped with terminals for payment by credit card; what is more, you can buy tickets online on two websites, - it also erases attention to booking, but anyway the most important acknowledgments are worth being said to our audience. It proves that Voronezh is a really genteel and cultured Russian city. It is not a city of soulless ruck – people who think only about how to survive, but a city of sentience and cultural life. In this case I am proud of Voronezh and think that its status of "Cultural Capital of the CIS 2015" as absolutely deserved. After all, a cultural capital is a city of cultural people".

Among the musical program events the bestsellers are the concerts of RNO (chief conductor –Mikhail Pletnev), Richard Galliano, Nikolai Lugansky and Mark Pekarsky ensemble, the theatre program bestsellers are “An enemy of the people”, “The Mad Man’s Diary” (Marjanishvili Theatre, Georgia), “Forget me not” (Compagnie Philippe Genty, France), “Seven moons” (Theatre Ilkhom, Uzbekistan) and plays by Platonov, – more than 60% of all the tickets for these performances are sold.