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1 December

Voronezh Youth Symphony Orchestra has turned 10 years old

Voronezh Youth Symphony Orchestra. Photo by Mikhail Kiryanov.

Voronezh Youth Symphony Orchestra jubilee concert was held yesterday at the Voronezh Concert Hall. The orchestra, being the long standing creative partner and participant of Platonov Arts Festival, got the warmest congratulations from the festival team.


«Well, maybe it was quite risky to include in the very first festival edition program the Youth Symphony Orchestra because we had to entrust to young musicians playing with major soloists invited to our cultural event – but you have believed in us. That you so much for this!» - said Vera Guseva – director of the orchestra.


Voronezh Youth Symphony Orchestra for all previous festival editions managed to collaborate with Ivona Sobotka (soprano, Poland), Freddy Kempf (piano, United Kingdom), Narek Hakhnazaryan (cello, Armenia), Julian Rachlin (violin, Austria), Aydar Gaynullin (button accordion, Russia), Borislav Strulev (cello, Russia/United States) and  José María Gallardo del Rey (guitar, Spain). 

Sergei Nakariakov (trumpet). Photo by Mikhail Kiryanov.

«All these amazing soloists spoke well of the young musicians they played with at our festival concerts, - Mikhail Bychkov, Platonovfest artistic director, pointed out, - Today the Youth Symphony Orchestra is a fledged creative group, which definitely affects the cultural life of Voronezh. And surely, professionals appreciate the Festival music program in many respects because of Voronezh Youth Symphony Orchestra participate in it».


The anniversary concert program was various by genres and performers. In the first part the participants of the 4th Platonov Festival performed: Maria Meerovitch (piano) played Mozart and Sergei Nakariakov (trumpet) played Tchaikovsky. In the second part the orchestra switched to «Symphojazz» – this is how the program of the famous Russian jazzmen Andrey and Mikhail Ivanov called.


Alexey Gordeev, the governor of the Voronezh Region attended the event with his family and enjoyed the concert very much. At the end there was standing ovation.

Andrey Ivanov & Mikhail Ivanov. Photo by Mikhail Kiryanov.

«This is an indeed remarkable orchestra, the musicians are very enthusiastic, they love what they do - the art of music - and as a result – the atmosphere in the family is warm and wonderful. I was happy playing with them  under the leadership of the conductor Yury Androsov, - Maria Meerovitch admitted. – There is only one problem – the instrument, I mean the piano. It is absolutely is in quite poor working condition, I know how rich and deep the sound may be produced from a really good instrument. I hope someone could help the orchestra to solve this problem».

And the Festival Directorate totally agrees with this statement and wish something will be done for making this happen.