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19 September

Mikhail Bychkov is honored with Volkov Award

Mikhail Bychkov

The ceremony of delivering the Award named after Fyodor Volkov was held today in Yaroslavl. This is one of the main cultural awards delivered by the Russian Federation government for the contribution to the development of theatrical art of Russia. Mikhail Bychkov, artistic director of both Voronezh Chamber Theatre and International Platonov Arts Festival, is one of the laureates.

The nominees, proposed by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and approved by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, were announced in June 2014. Mikhail Bychkov then commented on the news: “I am glad that in the year of its 20th anniversary Voronezh Chamber Theatre got such an honorary present”.

We congratulate our artistic director with this award and wish him new creative achievements!

Within the program of The International Volkov Festival, which started today in Yaroslavl, the audience can enjoy Voronezh Chamber Theatre production “Fools on the Periphery”, which will be shown on September, 22.