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16 September

Welcome the new Platonov Arts Festival venue – Voronezh Chamber Theatre moved to its own and totally new building

Voronezh Chamber Theatre - dance studio

New venue has opened its doors for all theatre and art lovers in Voronezh – it is the new building of Voronezh Chamber Theatre, which will clearly host some of the 5th Platonov Arts Festival events in June 2015.

The building itself is a project of Sergey Kutsevalov – a Moscow architect, famous for his projects in theatre design. Two stages (big stage with capacity of 180 seats, small stage – 70 seats) are functional for a wide range of cultural events – performances, concerts, theatrical readings, press conferences and other formats. The roof of the new building can be used as an open-air venue in summer – the sliding wall between the rehearsal room and the roof access makes it possible. All theatre areas are provided with all necessary modern light, sound and projection equipment. Theatre art gallery, club room and café may also host various festival projects.


Theatre opening, held on September, 10, was marked with the presentation of the try-out of the brand new Chamber Theatre production “Boris Godunov. The Comedy of the Distress of the Muscovite State” based on Alexander Pushkin’s play. Famous theatre directors and critics from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Riga, actors, artistic directors of Voronezh theatres, lightning designers, leaders in business and culture of Voronezh region visited the event and highly appreciated the remarkable interior design of the new venue.