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18 June

IV International Platonov Arts Festival results

Tall Brothers at the street theatres parade. Photo by Andrey Parfenov.

The IV Platonov Arts Festival has gathered more than 66,5 thousand visitors, 44 thousand from this number have attended free  events. 

More than 22 thousand tickets in total were sold for performances, concerts and art exhibitions. Almost 14 thousand tickets for the theatre shows were purchased by Voronezh spectators. Around 3,5 thousand tickets were sold for the classical music concerts, while the events of the World Music program have visited more than 5 thousand music lovers, which includes free of charge gigs attended by 1600 people.

Art exhibitions have gathered almost 6 thousand Voronezh citizens and guests of the city, including the Festival Night held on 13th June when galleries were open until 1 a.m. and have attracted 1800 visitors. Book Fair – traditional major event of the festival literature program – was visited by around 7 thousand people this year.

In comparison with last year’s festival edition that gathered more than 40 thousand spectators – Platonovfest 2014 have enlarged its audience first of all thanks to new programs such as ”World Music” and “Street Theatres”.

Platonov Festival budget this year equals the sum of 45 million rubles, of which more than 17 million - income from ticket sales, about 19 million - sponsorships and charitable donations, about 9 million – government subsidies , including one million - funding from The Ministry for Culture of Russia under the federal target program.

For the 2 festival week www.platonovfest.com gathered over 50,000 page views. 25 thousand of unique users have browsed festival news and the program comprised of more than 40 runs of performances and shows and 18 concerts.

Mikhail Bychkov also told reporters about the changes in the structure of the festival. For example, it is expected that “World Music” and “Street Theatres” will become permanent festival programs and the future festival edition 2015 will grow in content and extent . “It's not entirely up to us: in the theater world appeal to Platonov  works is going on with varying degrees of intensity, - says Mikhail Bychkov. - Now I know at least 4 - 5 performances that build the part of the festival program next year.”

The main idea of the 4th Platonov festival was to show the diversity of art in its geographical, stylistic and genre aspects. Therefore, big part of the program was unfamiliar to the public. “My goal is not the choice of weird pieces of art for the sake of experimentation and demonstration experiments, - says Mikhail Bychkov. - From the point of view of contemporary theatrical process, there was nothing excessively experimental shown during this festival but the common performances different by format but still typical for contemporary theatre. Experiment looks much more radical”.

Voronezh spectator, as compared with previous years, has become more open to explore this new experience, but despite this, he has to learn. He should not be afraid to be surprised and see something different from what he had seen before. “To enjoy the art you have to open your mind which is often occupied with prejudices formed by TV. You must feel your heart, remember your human experience, because all art is based on simple and universal values ​​- and the festival suggests the same. We're talking about good, protesting against evil and violence. Naturally we would like to give a person hope and light, but it does not mean that we will provide him some pseudo optimistic pictures instead of real analysis of what our world is today. We show the reality that surrounds us every day and we should be ready to face it in art as well”.