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12 June

June, 12 – Day 8 of Platonov Festival

PAVANA at Summer Dreams festival parade. Photo by Andrey Parfenov

Today, on Russia’s Day, “Summer Dreams” parade of street theatres, one of the most anticipated free events of the festival programme, has taken place. Five theatre companies took part in the march: PAVANA (the Netherlands), Tall Brothers (Moscow), Cardboardia (Moscow), DEREVO (Germany) and Teatr Biuro Podrozy (Poland). After the parade, which caused great excitement among the spectators, especially children, the actors gave performances in Soviet Square.

Teatr Biuro Podrozy at Summer Dreams festival parade.

In the evening the British theatre company Gecko presented their performance “Missing” in the Voronezh Concert Hall, and in the morning the actors met journalists and spoke about their theatre and the history of the play. Opera and Ballet theatre has seen a repetition of the British ballet “Still Current”.

The Theatre of Young Spectator has shown “The Hurdy-Gurdy”, stage play reading with graphic novellas directed by Kamil Tukaev. Voronezh artists Sergey Gorshkov and Natalia Konshina worked on staging the performance.



The Philharmonic Hall has hosted a concert of a well –known ethnic band Huun-Huur-Tu. Not long before the event the musicians participated in a press-conference, where they told the journalists about Tuvan throat singing, the meaning, traditions and origin of their music.

The highlight of the night, as well as that of the World Music program, was the performance by Cristina Branco in Ramon. Despite the cold, the audience in the Ramon Castle park gave a warm reception to one of the most famous fado (traditional Portuguese ballads) singers.


Cristina Branco