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13 June

June, 13 – Day 9 of Platonov Festival

PAVANA street theatre (The Netherlands) photo by Andrey Parfenov

On 13 June the anticipated premiere of the Polish performance “Planet LEM” based on the prose by Stanislav Lem, took place at the Event Hall. This fantastic show with amazing light and video effects especially appealed to children.


Today has seen the final performances by street theatres in Soviet Square: the actors and stilt-walkers of PAVANA theatre and Tall Brothers, who participated in the Summer Dreams parade the day before, have taken the spectators on an amazing journey to the magical carnival world.

Tall Brothers (Moscow) photo by Andrey Parfenov

The Chamber theatre has shown the last performance from the festival program based on Platonov works – the tragicomedy “14 Little Red Huts”. The Voronezh Concert Hall has presented the final show of the British performance “Missing”, while the actors of the Gogol Center, Moscow, have performed the play “Mitya’s Love” directed by Vladislav Nastashev. The spectators liked the interpretation of Bunin’s drama and the unusual scenographic solutions so much that they did not let the actors leave the stage for a while.


The traditional Festival night has become the highlight of today’s program. All Platonov festival exhibitions worked free of charge, and the park “Alye Parusa” became the heart of the Festival night. Here one could see a performance by the Dutch theatre PAVANA, a concert of the Voronezh band Droogoe Delo and at 10:30 p.m. - “Midnight Balance”, a performance staged by theatre DEREVO (Dresden).