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13 June

Tonight All Platonov Festival Exhibitions Are Free!

Alexander Deineka "The sleeping child with bluettes" (1932)

Tonight is the traditional Festival night of Platonov Arts festival. Visiting any visual arts exhibitions is free till 01.00. The offer applies to: 

“I Worship Life of Every Kind!” (a display of works by Alexander Deineka, Kramskoy Art Museum), 

“Freedom – the Reason for the World” (a display of works by Russian avant-garde artists from collections of five provincial museums, Kramskoy Art Museum), 

“Jerusalem Is not Just a City” (a display of works by Dmitry Brikman, an Israeli photographer, Kramskoy Art), 

“David Borovsky. Selected Works” (a major display featuring scale models and sketches of costumes by the legendary art director David Borovsky, Exhibition Hall in Kirov street), 

“Daniil Kharms. Things and Things that Happened” (a display dedicated to Daniil Kharms, a prominent writer and poet of ХХ century, creator of absurdist fiction, as well as  his close friends and associates, VCC),

“The Innermost Man” (a solo exhibition of the hyperrealist Sergey Bazilev, H.L.A.M. Gallery).

The heart of the Festival night is the park “Alye Parusa”, where the German theatre DEREVO will stage their performance “Midnight Balance”.