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22 May

Master class by the Israeli Photographer Dmitry Briсkman

Dmitry Brickman

We start accepting applications for participation in the art lab of the famous Israeli photographer Dmitry Briсkman. The workshop “Seeing Whatever Seen” will take place in June, 9th at 3 p.m. in the House of Journalists.


- Once I got acquainted with a man, who was barely in love with photography- says Dmitry Brikman. - He knew everything about it and would rabbit on about types of cameras, features of objective lenses, qualitative features of the matrixes, flashes and every possible way of handling the shots. I wondered where I could take a look at his works. – “Nowhere”- he answered absolutely calmly- “I don’t have works. I CAN’T SEE”. He definitely didn’t mean physical blindness”. It is this ability to “see” that the Israeli photographer will teach the participants of the master-class to develop.

Dmitry Briсkman was born in Leningrad, now he lives in Israel. He is the author of the photofilm “Ecclésiaste. Photo translation”, which was released in 2013 in time for the “Window to Europe” Festival in Vyborg.

Dmitry Briсkman’s solo exhibition “Jerusalem is not just a city”, featuring  portraits, photojournalism, genre photos  made in the city of different religions, will take place in the Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy from 8 till 29 of June.

We invite photographers- both  professionals and amateurs, - and all kinds of lovers of the photo art to take part in this masterclass. 

You should send your application to the e-mail address: art@platonovfest.com  with an indication of your name, surname, contact information and some details about yourself. 

The number of participants is limited! Application deadline is June, 1st .

The exhibition and the master-class will be held with the assistance of the Israeli Embassy in Russia.