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21 May

MIKHAIL BYCHKOV: You can still get some tickets to the IV Platonov Arts Festival.

Mikhail Bychkov

Mikhail Bychkov: You can still get some tickets to the Platonov Arts Festival.

There are two weeks left before the Festival starts. According to early reports, around 15 thousand tickets have already been sold, which is only 75%, so it is still quite possible to get tickets to some of the events!

Mikhail Bychkov: It is commonly believed that all the tickets to the Festival have already been sold out and it is impossible to buy any. In fact, tickets are not available to very few events, such as classical music concerts and some theatre performances. 

There are 10-20 tickets left to the Lithuanian performance "Krapp's Last Tape", 50-60 tickets available to the legendary French production "Woyzeck, or the Hint of Vertigo" by Josef Nadj, more than 150 tickets available to the wonderful English performance "Missing". There are tickets left for "Islands" by Anton Adasinsky and "Planet Lem" (the spectacular outdoor sci-fi performance inspired by Stanislaw Lem's fiction), which I highly recommend to both grown-ups and children. 

There are some tickets to our new program “World Music”. About 50 tickets are available to the concert of the ethnic band called “Huun-Huur-Tu” and to the unique project “The World of Violin” by Dr. Subramaniam and his musicians and “Loyko” band, which combines Indian and Gypsy music. You can still buy tickets to Marlene Dorcena’s performance in Alye Parusa Park, she's an amazing Haitian singer of Creole songs. There are also about 150 tickets left to the concert of the outstanding Azerbaijani singer Alim Qasimov. And you can still  purchase tickets to Rokia Traore’s concert in Event-Hall. This “Malian Princess” is going to be the headliner of our World Music program.

Some new events have also been included in the program. For example, tickets to performance “Illusions” by “Praktika” Theatre went on sail a month ago. Very few are left now. You still have a chance to buy a ticket to the Festival Night as well (13th June).

I suggest that you should pay attention to the Platonov Fest Afterparty which is going to be a lot of fun, especially for the young. The party is going to take place in BARak O’Mama café-bar. All the guests, volunteers and everyone who will get a ticket are invited. AVIA band is going to perform during the night.

Please do not miss the opportunity to listen to the best musical bands, to watch the best performances and to meet the best masters of modern arts. Do plan your time from the 5th to the 15th of June. 

Enjoy the Fest!