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18 May


Alexandr PETROV, animator, the laureat of “Platonov Award in Literature and Art” 2014

On May 17th the Governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeev held the final meeting of the “Platonov Award in Literature and Art” Council.

Among those who took part in the meeting were the acting head of the Department of Culture and Archives Elena ISHCHENKO, the Head of the Platonov festival Mikhail BYCHKOV,  theatre critic Alexander VISLOV, secretary of the Composers Union of Russia Yevgeny TREMBOVELSKY, literary critic Natalya KORNIYENKO, director of the magazine «Podjom» Ivan SHCHELOKOV and editor in chief of “Kommuna” Victor RUDENKO.  

The laureate was determined after selection from 5 nominees. The prise winner was one of the best contemporary animators, the winner of OSCAR, Alexandr PETROV. 

The artistic style of the animator can be defined as “living painting”. He paints with colors on glass surface using mostly fingers, very rarely – brushes. The source for his inspiration for animation are written works of complicated authors, difficult for visualization, such as The Man And The Sea (Hemingway)  or The Dream of a Ridiculous Man (Dostoevski). 

«Корова» (The Cow, 1989) was Petrov's capstone project at the end of a two-year course of professional studies in animation, during which he was instructed by the renowned Soviet animator Фёдор Хитрук | Fyodor Khitruk. The Cow is based on the short story of the same name by Andrey Platonov.

The Platonov award was established by the Government of Voronezh region in 2011 and contains the prise of 500 000 Rubles. The award is given annually to Russian and international people of art for the significant contribution into the cultural heritage promotion, artistic achievements in music , literature, theatre and visual art as well as for innovations in the sphere of promotion of humanistic values and traditions.

The first laureate of the Platonov Award was the writer Boris Ekimov, and at the second festival the Award was given to the famous theatre director Lev Dodin, 2013 the award was presented to the artistic director and chief conductor of Russian National Orchestra Mikhail Pletnev.