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8 May

Andrey Platonov at the front


On the eve of the Victory Day (May 9th), we remember Andrey Platonov, after whom our arts festival is named. He was not only an outstanding Russian writer, but also a war correspondent, a captain of the Soviet Army. During the Second World War he wrote short stories and essays from the front that were published in the newspaper «Red Star» .

The themes of war and the people who lived through the war constitute a significant part of Andrey Platonov’s creative heritage. In the 1940s four books of his military prose were published - «Spiritual people», «Stories of the Motherland», «Armor» and  «Towards the sunset». His famous story «Ivanov family» («The Return») was published in 1946.

Platonov Arts Festival congratulates everyone with the Victory Day – the special date in Russian calendar that commemorated the great holiday of heroism and courage!