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17 April

Tickets for Marlene Dorcena concert and the Festival Night are now on sale!

Open air performance of DEREVO

From today tickets for 2 open air festival events at the park “Alye Parusa“ – Marlene Dorcena concert (8 June) and Festival Night (13 June) – are now on sale! 

The concert of Haiti singer Marlene Dorcena (8 June) - is one of the highlights of the new music program of Platonovfest - "World Music". Her songs have often been in the top ten of the European World Music charts and kept the leading positions for several months.

Marlene Dorcena

Marlene Dorcena took part in a lot of world music festivals throughout the globe, including Russia - she was the headliner of the KAMWA festival (Perm, Russia) in 2013. In 2005 Dmitry Dibrov presented Marlene in his TV-show “Anthropology” – that was her 1st live performance in Russia.

Traditional Festival Night this year will be held on June 13th. Its program will be composed of the concert of Voronezh trank-music band "Droogoe delo",  PAVANA performances (street theater from the Netherlands) and more. But the main event of the Night will be the Festival pageant "Midnight balance" – special project of the German theater DEREVO made in collaboration with Platonov Arts Festival. 1 ticket will allow you to enjoy all events happening at the park “Alye Parusa” during the Festival Night - the program will begin at 8 p.m. and end at midnight.

Droogoe Delo

“Midnight Balance” is an open air performance, especially prepared by the theatre DEREVO for Platonov Arts Festival. The action will take place at three levels: on the sand, on the brim of a pond and in water.

DEREVO has already staged open air performances which were acclaimed by both critics and audience. In 2009 and 2010 the theatre DEREVO in collaboration with some visiting dancers, musicians and artists showed a unique performance in the historical city centre in Dresden. A new nocturnal world, full of motion and inspired by the local history, music, architecture and the pond itself, was born on the edges of the pond next to the Zwinger Palace. 


“Several hundreds of spectators came to see “White Fortress” and what they had seen made them completely forget about bad weather and strong wind”. Dresdner Morgenpost

The theatre DEREVO with its performance “White Garden” (an open air performance like “White Fortress”) opened the Dublin Fringe Festival (the largest festival in Dublin) in 2007.

Tickets can be purchased on the websites http://platonovfest.com and TicketOK.ru, as well at the festival box offices located at Opera and Ballet Theatre, Philharmonic Hall, Chamber Theatre, Central Universal Department Store, Centre of Chizhov Gallery, Shopping and entertainment centre "Moskovsky Prospekt", City-Park "Grad". For more information please call 255-55-30.