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9 April

Platonov Arts Festival Board of Trustees and Organizing Committee meetings


The meeting of the Platonov Arts Festival Board of Trustees under the chairmanship of Alexey Gordeyev, the current governor of Voronezh region, took place on the 5th of April. Mikhail Bychkov, Platonov Arts Festival director, told the participants of the meeting about the preparation for the Festival in June 2014. The members of Board of Trustees highlighted that the programme of the Platonov Arts Festival is characterized by its high standard and the great variety of events that will take place during the Festival. The members of the Board decided to provide the directorate of the Festival with financial assistance in order to make shows and concerts available to the audience. The Festival is becoming more and more popular with the residents of the region and there are more and more people who express their intention to render charity and sponsor support. For this reason it has been decided to enlarge the Board and include the following new members – Pyotr Semyonov, the general director of the construction company “Voronezh-Dom”, Oleg Malyshev, the chairman of the board of directors of the industrial group “SoDEISTVIYE”, and Anatoli Shmygalev, the general director of JSC “Kholod”. Alexander Gusev, the Mayor of Voronezh, has also been invited to become a member of the Board of Trustees.

The first meeting of the Organizing Committee of the Platonov Arts Festival took place on the 11th of April. During the meeting the following topics were discussed: the organization of street performances and the preparation of the city venues for the festival events. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Vladimir Popov, the vice-governor of Voronezh region. The meeting was attended by Alexander Gusev, the mayor of Voronezh, Mikhail Bychkov, the Platonov Arts Festival director, Elena Ischenko, the head of the Department of Culture and Archives of Voronezh region, Boris Zinchenko, the head of the Department of Administrative and Military Cooperation of Voronezh region, Sergey Bobrovnikov, the deputy director of the Department of Property and Land Relations of Voronezh region, Yana Ryabinskaya, the deputy director of the Department, the head of the Public Communications office of the Mass Media Relations and Administrative Work Department of Voronezh region, Nadezhda Savytskaya, the Voronezh vice mayor for social policy, and others. During the meeting the following issues were discussed: the organization of street performances, the vital preparations of the city infrastructure, the changes in the transportation schedules and the safety precautions. Moreover, the participants of the meeting discussed the readiness of the theatres, concert venues and galleries for performances, concerts and exhibitions and the issues dealing with advertising of the festival events in mass media and in the streets of the city. The Organizing Committee was founded by the Government of Voronezh region for assisting the Directorate of the Platonov Arts Festival with the preparation and organization of the festival events. There are the heads of the leading departments and administrative establishments of Voronezh region government among the members of the Committee. The meetings of the Committee will take place every two weeks and the members of the Committee will ensure concerted efforts of different organizations that are responsible for the festival events.