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1 April

Director of Platonov Arts Festival in his interview to RIA VORONEZH told how theatre brings up citizens

Mikhail Bychkov

We met with Mikhail Bychkov in Platonov Arts Festival directorate. Now he spends there much more time than in Сhamber theatre, as far as at the present moment the Festival preparation process is at one of the most difficult stages. 


-We’re purchasing travel tickets for our artists, who will come to Voronezh from different cities and countries, we’re booking hotels (and it’s not easy because of the lack of comfortable hotels in Voronezh), - says Bychkov. – We’re also preparing contracts with Voronezh venues, where festival concerts, performances and exhibitions will take place. Organization of exhibitions also takes a lot of effort. For example, one of exhibitions will consist of art works, brought from five different provincial museums of our country. These masterpieces will be brought in special vehicles with armed security and everything should be insured. Besides we should think of such a logistics scheme according to which it won’t be necessary to send the separate truck to each city. Well, in short, we have to deal with quite boring, not really creative, but very essential work.     


Full interview in Russian read here