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12 March

Tickets for performance ‘Planet LEM’ go on sale

Tickets for the performance of the most interesting outdoor theatre in Poland, Teatr Biuro Podróży, go on sale. ‘Planet LEM’ is the production inspired by the writings of outstanding futurologist Stanislaw Lem. It’ll be shown on the stage of Event-Hall because a lot of lighting and video effects are used in this performance. As is well known, it’s getting dark late in June so it’s possible to provide necessary illuminance only indoors.

The performance is intended for different kinds of audience, including for family viewing.

Voronezh will see the future world as Stanislaw Lem saw it and as director Paweł Szkotak shows it. This world in the future where an illusory state of well-being ensured to the human race by the technological progress makes people degenerate and idle. They live in an illusion of welfare, in the false paradise. In this world there are people-servants, aliens, robots and… Ijon Tichy - a character who is trapped in this future world from our times and who wants to change everything. They all are inhabitants of ‘Planet LEM’.

Paweł Szkotak managed to “improve” the outdoor theatre genre. Everything was thought out meticulously: acting, hi-tech scenery, visual effects. The music written specially for the performance by the composer Krzysztof Nowikow represents connection of symphonic fragments with post-industrial sounds.

Teatr Biuro Podróży has been existing for over 20 years. During this period it has performed in fifty countries around the world. It has prestigious awards from Polish Ministry of Culture that confirmed high level of theatre performances.

The performance will be presented with the support of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Ticket price - from 400 rubles. Tickets are available online at http://platonovfest.com/ or TicketOK.ru. You can also buy them at the festival box offices: Opera and Ballet Theatre, Philharmonic Hall, Chamber Theatre, Central Universal Department Store, Centre of Chizhov Gallery, Shopping and entertainment centre "Moskovsky Prospekt", City-Park "Grad".