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7 March

50% of all tickets have been sold out!


Ticket sales for the 4th Platonov Festival edition were launched 1 week ago and half of all tickets have already been sold out by now!

During the first week music program was the most popular – for the classical music concerts more than 90% of all the tickets have been purchased!  

World Music is a new festival program, with unfamiliar artists and genres for Voronezh citizens, that’s why 30% of tickets for world music concerts are sold out by now.

Theatre program is traditionally of great demand – about 60% of tickets for Platonov Festival performances have found their holders.

Such sales pace is an absolute record for Platonov Festival in comparison with statistics of the previous festival editions!

Dear friends, hurry up to buy tickets for the 4th Platonovfest shows and concerts, while they are still available! You can buy them online; it will take you just a few minutes – click "Print @ home" option at Platonovfest.com or TicketOK.ru, pay reservation with your credit card or Yandex money and print your ticket.